Since June 2017, new GIRLFIGHT Books, DVDs, Blurays, and digital content (excluding their special features or inserts or other attachments) have adopted the GIRLFIGHT Censorship Classification Code as part of GIRLFIGHT's newly-adopted social responsibility initiative so  consumers can make better decisions on the products they may bring into their household or business.

This code is composed of 3 different rating systems: Content, Age, and Premium Cable Channel Labels. These codes are published inside a long box on the product artwork or in the product description for online content. In some cases, when a customer feels the Age Rating isn't justified they can find assurance by the Content Labeling System.

The Content Labeling System:
The content labeling system is perhaps the most helpful system in identifying a film's content and allowing the consumer to judge whether or not content is deemed inappropriate or offensive. It approaches a no-nonsense, staright-forward practical Alphabetical system.

A = Abuse. Abuse towards a female, minor, or animal, even staged, no matter the abuser.
B = Brutality. Violence is excessive and often gratuitous.
C = Crude content including excessive profanity or gross sexual humor or adult humor or sexual innuendos / mild language.
D = Dead characters. Dead characters, whether just killed or as corpses or skeletons are depicted.
E = Events. Was filmed live; whether or not it was staged, scripted, or choreographed is irrelevant.
F = Female. All-female or strong-female-lead cast. (Does not imply endorsement by the Bath Film Festival)
G = Gore. Blood and gore are prevalent.
H = Horror. Themes are horror-related and may be frightening for some viewers.
I = Infections. Infections and diseases and other life-threatening diseases are prevalent.
J = Japanese. Influenced by Japansese films and art, history, and culture, such as anime.
K = Killings. Killings occur which may be limited, mass, or serialized.
L = Language. Language, vulgar words, and profanity can be tame, mild, or explicit.
M = Minor. A character depicting a minor (under 18) or an actor that is a minor contained.
N = Nudity. Explicit female/male nudity appearing "below the belt" or partial female nudity/topless "above the belt."
O = Other worlds. Fictional worlds often associated with outerspace, apocolyptic, prehistoric, futuristic, ancient, mythical, alien, technological, or other fictional worlds.
P = Centered around, or significantly involves a common phobia, such as spiders, clowns, etc.
Q = LGBTQA/gender issues are a predominant subject matter.
R = Romance. Content involves any form of romance except sex, such as kissing, cuddling, or even hugging in a romantic fashion.
S = Sex. Choroeographed sex content involved, whether strong, mild, or limited.
T = Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco, or Firearms prevalent or implied.
U = Universal. Religious, occult or spiritual themes are depicted.
V = Violence. Violent themes are prevalent.
W = Any weapon, except a firearm, prevalent.
X = Explicit. Contains scantily-clad attire or nudity is implied but not shown. Bare-chested (shirtless) male content appears here.
Y = Sex Crimes. Sex-related crimes such as rape, assault, are depicted or verbally suggestive.
Z = Miscellaneous. Acts like kidnapping, trafficking, terrorism, and other traumatic high crimes not otherwise specified.


The "X" for "explicit" is derived from the x in Explicit where some people in today's society still view this kind of content as explicit despite no full nudity is shown. If full nudity is shown it will be rated with an "n".

Whether or not the use of any content, whether important to the story or gratuituous, does not necessarily reflect the rating given. For example, a film with a sex scene where the characters are under the sheets with nothing shown will still be rated as sex even though it's needed to tell a story. a film about a historical war would still be rated with a V despite violence is an unfortunate casulty of war.

Please note that the inclusion of multiple content labelings does not imply they occur simultaneously in the film. for example, if a film has been rated with the letters "m" and "k" this does not mean that a character depicting a minor or an actor who is a minor is killed in the film. A rating of "G" and "I" does not necessarily mean the infections depicted in the film contribute to the gore in the film.

In order to receive the 0+ age rating, a film can ONLY have the content labelings of F or M. Any additional rating and unfortunately the film requires either a 13+ or 16+ age rating. content rated with S or X warrants at least 13+. A rating of N or Y immediately warrants the content as 16+.

The Age Rating System:

We loosely adopt the French Rating system as we feel it accurately portrays appropriate age-rating content based on our own worldly travels, psychological analysis, and studies in popular culture. Most of our films do have a published Parent's/Content Advisory Guide on IMDB and within its companion books to assist consumers in their decision-making process.

even in the case where, LLC sells a product that is given the age rating of 0,, LLC does not target children in its marketing and sales and therefore even children or family items should be bought by an adult ages 18 or older in the United States of America.

0 = All ages (Similar to G in the US; U in France)
13+ = 13+ (Similar to PG/PG-13 in the USA; -12 in France)
16+ = 16+ (Similar to R in the US; 16+ in France).
18+ = We do not produce content we find is only appropriate for persons ages 18 and above.

When making these decisions,, LLC considers some of these sample criterion:

  • The number and nature of the violent scenes.
  • Are the violent scenes gratuitous or important for the scenario?
  • Are women depicted in a respectful or disrespectful way?
  • Is sex being depicted? And how young viewers could react to such scenes?
  • Violent, sexual and drug related content (especially if it is deemed to be graphic or gratuitous) as reasons for higher ratings.
  • Little attention is paid to strong language.

Unfortunately, we do not find most content that either we produce or the mainstream produces to deem it as 0. Most so-called children's cartoons, even today, depicts violence (Scooby Doo, The Smurfs) of some sort and therefore the use of the "v" warrants, at least a 13+ rating despite it could be marketed for persons under this age.

Premium Cable Channel Content Label Rating System:
Any product released by, LLC will also bear the "NR" rating to indicate it has not been rated by the MPAA for any products not rated by the MPAA. Should a GIRLFIGHT product be rated by the MPAA then this code will not be used to rate that product.

As adopted in 1994 for premium channels like HBO, Showtime, etc., for any GIRLFIGHT product depicting the NR (Not Rated) system, following will be the common premium channel labels that relate to GIRLFIGHT content, separated by commas.

For a more thorough explaination of these labels, please visit: and


RATINGS: 13+ABCDFGHJKLTUVWX NR:AC,GL,GV VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED. For more information about our rating system:

RATINGS: 13+ABCDEFGHJKLTUVWX NR:AC,GL,GV VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED. For more information about our rating system:


RATINGS: 13+FGHJLOUVWX NR:AC,GL,GV VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED. For more information about our rating system:

RATINGS: 13+ABCDEFGHJKLTUVWX NR:AC,GL,GV VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED. For more information about our rating system:

Mainstream films' and examples to how they would be rated by this system (and the Age Rating):

  • Star Wars (Franchise) - 13+ACDHKLMORTVWX
  • Rob Zombie's 31 - 16+ABCDGHJKLNOPRSTUVWXY
  • Disney's Bambi - 13+ADFHKMRTVW
  • Scooby Doo episodes - 13+DHMRTVW
  • The Smurfs Episodes - 13+DHMRTVW
  • Bloodsport - 13+ABCDGHJKLMRSTUVWX

The GIRLFIGHT Censorship classification code is not an official rating system recognized by any world governments. The system is only used by GIRLFIGHTMOVIE.COM, LLC and its associated companies to provide the consumer a foundation in making sound decisions involving age-appropriateness content for their household or business. The system does not block content from being seen or sold by anyone not within the appropriate age rating and no refunds will be offered for any products purchased by a person below the appropriate age rating., LLC is not in the business of frequently producing content with explicit nudity but understand there may be times when this is necessary., LLC does not produce what the MPAA calls NC-17, X or XXX-rated content and therefore has no rating systems for this type of content.

The system may be used by any third party so long as the link to this Ratings site is left in tact.