In an effort to precisely pinpoint every known trailer, teaser, and other promo, and to avoid redundancy, to Mortal Kombat I decided it was important to breakdown the trailers into parts. Photographs of the scenes (or the same segment of continued action, such as Goro hitting Art and Art flying to the ropes) were conducted. Any notable differences, such as scenes or audio, are noted.

After examining all known trailers, teasers, spots, etc. in existence, I have drawn the conclusion that almost all of the trailers correspond to the original trailer found on the MK Special Preview VHS and slightly deviate from this, usually with alternate end bumpers. A couple spots were similar to the TV spots found on the Laser disc and still, there are a few new spots mostly created by International promo versions.

Interesting to note, the official trailers released by New Line are different from each other by their end or beginning titles: the Bluray version, which only appeared in 720x480, is the same released on the DVD. The Laser disc and VHS wide screen versions are completely different from each other and their digital counterparts.

  Notable Differences
1. Streetfighter Premiere

Interesting, many people to this day are unaware a special trailer for Mortal Kombat played during the December 23, 1994 premiere of Streetfighter. The trailer was never thought to be seen again until the late 2000s when someone uploaded part of the premiere to Youtube. It was taken down and only then the trailer was thought lost. But a friend of mine, Gabbo, renewed my interested and a mysterious trailer appeared on Ebay. So I grabbed it, analyzed each clip with a magnifying glass, and voila, the long-lost trailer was found. It is the only trailer to come with a 1994 copyright year and doesn't mention New Line being a Turner company. Important to note, alternate footage of the monks walking down the stairs and Sonya throwing a ninja on the table are added to this. This resembles a lot to the TV Spot "Cutdown," but due to its relation to Streetfighter it has notable mention here.

It had the Green band, General Audience rating

New Line Cinema, no Turner Company logo

New Angle on Temple of Light; Never appears in movie

End Credit title has 1994 copyright year
  Does not appear in any other medium.
2. Mortal Kombat Special Preview

This was a special VHS that contained only the trailer and was meant for retailers. The trailer is really the theatrical trailer with known notable differences is that the Green Band is the General Audience, it has a title slide that tells when the movie will be released, and has a different end title. The web address follows. The complete and known version is from the Dumb & Dumber VHS, date stamp 05xx95.

It had the Green band, General Audience rating

Kombat Begins August 1995

End title

The Swedish version used a rated end title with slight variations.

Web address
  Appeared on the Australian, Swiss, and Porteguese DVDs. Notable changes are noted above.
3. Theatrical Trailer - "In each of us there lies the fury of a warrior."

It had the Green band, General Audience rating

PG-13 Green Band for Dumb & Dumber, Friday, etc:

New Line Cinema

New Line Home Video bumper from an unknown version:

End title as in Special Preview.

Alternate end title as described below:

Web address for Laser disc, VHS wide screen, and earlier versions of films like Dumb & Dumber

Alternate German end titles:

  The web address appeared in earlier prints for the Laser disc and wide screen VHS, as well as for Dumb & Dumber, Friday, etc. The PG-13 rated green band appeared on these versions as well. Don Juan, the Laser disc, and an unknown version had an alternate end title. An unknown version had a New Line Home Video bumper while the German version had its own set of end titles.