Positive or negative, this is a collection of reviews we've collected from all over the Internet. Some of them are honest and brutal while others are downright mean and unintelligent. Whatever the case, we're thankful to anyone who took time to watch and review our video!

Groundbreaking; A breath of fresh air from the norm.
- Stacey Cox. - DecayMag

It's America's Next Top Model meets Mortal Kombat!
- George Taylor, Jr. - Sunshine Garden Industries

GirlFight: inVite convies this message: That women are not weak and repressed...
- Stacey Cox. - DecayMag

Fight Club meets Mortal Kombat!
- Michael Elliot - IMDB User

A nightmare you will never forget!
- MrRamone420 - Amazon User

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Stacey Cox of DecayMag, the only professional review we've received.

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