Rachel.... Lexi Roth
Jade.... Brandi Michelle
Jacki... Becca Chanay
Chelsi... Chelsea Alexandria
Moonlight.... Lindsey McComb
Selena.... Brianna Culp
Raven (voice)... Kelli Culbertson Angel... Amanda Dicapo (free version)

Executive Producers: Kelcey Coe, Brandi Michelle
Written, Directed, & Edited by Kelcey Coe
Produced by Lindsey McComb, Becca Chanay, & Lexi Roth

Poduction Assistants: Matt Roberts, David Raymond, TJ May, Sparrow Onazio, Brandy Martin, Nathan McComb, David Chipps (free version)

Jewelry by Eric Duckworth of Cultist Crafts (Find on FB & IG)
Worn By Chelsea Alexandria (Chelsi the Cage Girl): Spiked Chain Leather Choker

© Copyright 2016. All rights reserved.

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