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Can't get enough of GIRLFIGHT in its short time durection? Maybe your cravings can be satisfied through these similar movies, both lists mainted by the director of GIRLFIGHT!

Female / Woman / Girl / Mixed Fight, Wrestling, Martial Arts, MMA, & Boxing Films
All-Female (or Mainly Female) All-Woman / All-Girl / Wrestling, Martial Arts, MMA, & Boxing Films

Get an in-depth insight look into the making of a similar film, MORTAL KOMBAT (1995), by the director himself! He maintains this fan archive of the MK movie and its many mediums and was largely inspired by MK's marketing and film making process in making GIRLFIGHT. MK FAN SITE

Girl Power! Girl Power! Empowering women through GIRLFIGHT...
Why do women fight? Let the girls of GIRLFIGHT tell you why!

Safety with breakaways tutorial.
The brutal aftermath of the Rachel versus Angel death fight!

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