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Deep within the Forbidden Forest outside Buckeye City, Ohio, sinister fatal femme Rachel inVites four unlikely model hopefuls into an underground death fight inside a barbaric steel cage surrounded by razor-sharp barb-wire. The winner moves on to GirlFight: Model Kombat, granting the survivor a multimillion dollar contract with an international modeling agency. An all-female nightmare horror concept short film inspired by true events! Written, directed, and produced by a survivor of Asperger's Syndrome!

Note: This video is a short concept pitch film to demonstrate the brutality and madness expected to ultimately take place in GirlFight: Model Kombat. Excessive violence and shock value mixed with dark horror are exemplified in this demonstration.

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Rachel.... Lexi Roth
Jade.... Brandi Michelle
Jacki... Becca Chanay
Chelsi... Chelsea Alexandria
Moonlight.... Lindsey McComb
Raven (voice)... Kelli Culbertson Angel... Amanda Dicapo (free version)

Executive Producers: Kelcey Coe, Brandi Michelle
Written, Directed, & Edited by Kelcey Coe
Produced by Lindsey McComb, Becca Chanay, & Lexi Roth

Poduction Assistants: Matt Roberts, David Raymond, TJ May, Sparrow Onazio, Brandy Martin, Nathan McComb, David Chipps (free version)

Dedicated to The Brave Men and Women who Serve our Country!
GirlFight: inVite is Proud to Support our Troops!


PACKED with Extra Features: Gag Reel, Director Commentary, 4 Alternative Versions, Behind the Scenes, Languages, Bios

Copyright 2016. All rights reserved. The short film, GirlFight: inVite contains graphic violence, frightening and disturbing images, and profanity - all featuring brutality. All of the performances are fake and choroegraphed and use makeup, special effects, and stunts.

UPC: 889290933287

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