Don’t give up. You are not alone.

On this page, we have listed several resources in this community which are there to care for you. This list is not exhaustive, but it can serve as a bridge to help. It was collected in honor of your story and the stories of people around you. We encourage you to remember your journey is unique—and that every step forward is worth it.

We understand the casting of GIRLFIGHT was a very stressful experience for many of you. And we are here to help you by providing some resources, both for our abusers and their victims.

We understand that many of the abusers are actually rejected, bitter, and disgrunted cast members or were candidates to be cast. We understand rejection is an aweful feeling and that sometimes, like most of you did, will take it out on innocent people. After all, survival of the fittest in the entertainment industry, right? We want you to know that although you may have not been selected for a part in GIRLFIGHT that does not mean you were no good. It just means you were not right for that specific role and perhaps you'll have better luck next time.

We understand many of you have deep-seeded family issues, whether it's related to isolation, feelings of being unwanted, having a single-parent or single-parent figure, and other issues. We hope this page will help you to combat those.

We understand many of you, especially the abusers, have issues with substance abuse and struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle daily. We're here to help you.

We understand, especially the abusers, you suffer from communication and social issues. Hey, you lack the social skills to affectively life and work in today's society outside of your mom's basement, and we're here to help you.

We understand, especially the abusers, you self-harm, want to self-harm, or desire to hurt others and even derive pleasure from doing so. We're here to help you.

But we're also here to help your victims, the silent majority, who felt threatened, intimidated, and uncomfortable with your threats, harassment, intimidations, inappropriate online conduct, sexual harrassment, sexual advances, etc. So bare with us.

If you are a substance abuser with drugs and alcohol, suicidal, homocidal, want to harm others or yourself, cannot control your urges and impulses, constantly haraas your victims even after you were caught and outed within the group, or in need of mental health assistance whether immediate or in the future, please visit this helpful resource for assistance in your area, provided by To Write Love On Her Arms.

If you are struggling with the fact you were probably rejected and have been left bitter, disgruntled, loss of hope, in anxiety, have lost your job, please google "How to handle rejection."

Good luck - and remember... Fight Like a Girl!

When reaching out to treatment providers, we always encourage people to begin by connecting with resources from licensed mental health providers. While GIRLFIGHT believes in the power and efficacy of treatment, you are responsible for interviewing and selecting the provider or treatment. As GIRLFIGHT does not provide treatment services, GIRLFIGHT cannot accept responsibility for any of the services provided by these or any other providers. This service is proudly provided by the 2017 GIRLFIGHT'S Initiative on Social Responsibility.

If there is a resource you would recommend adding, please email